Fill Handle Not Working in MS Office Excel 2010 and 2007

While Working on Excel I observed Fill handle not working as expected, I was trying to  fill adjacent cells with a series of data which can be done when you drag the fill handle but there was no + option (as shown in below image) visible near the fill handle to drag it.

Excel Fill Handle

Here is the solution for this problem. You have to Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop option in Excel Settings

Follow the Below Steps for Excel 2010

1- Open Excel and go to File Menu on Top left side and then navigate to options ( as shown in below image )

excel fill handle fix 1

2- From options menu go to Advanced section, then go to Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop option and check mark this option ( as shown in below image) to enable it.

excel fill handle 2


Follow the Below Steps for Excel 2007


If you have Excel 2007 then the method is similar only difference is in the Step 1 on how to go to Advanced options.

To go to Advanced options in Excel 2007 follow below steps

1- Open Excel

2- Click on Office Button ( Round Button with Windows Icon ) found on top most left side

3- Click Excel Options ( as shown in image below)

Office 2007 Excel

4- To enable fill Handle follow the Step 2 above listed for Excel 2010.



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