How To Convert Windows 7 PC Into WIFI Hotspot

How To Convert Windows 7 PC Into WIFI Hotspot

If you are in a Situation where you are connected to a Wired Network on your Windows 7 PC and you have Other Devices which can connect to WIFI then this article is for you. We can Turn a Windows 7 PC with Wireless adapter into a Hotspot provided that PC is connected to internet via Wired Connection from Network Adapter.

Before we Begin to configure a Hotspot, Few points to make sure are.

1- Your PC is having a Wireless Adapter which is not in use.

2- Your PC is having Network adapter with a Wired connection plugged in which provides internet connectivity to the PC.

3- We can try this on Desktop or Laptop which meets above criteria along with Running Windows 7 Operating System.


Lets Start !!!

1- Launch Control Panel by going to Windows Start Button>Control Panel

2- Open Network and Sharing Control. If you have set the View Settings of Control Panel to View by : Small Icons , you can Easily Find Network and Sharing Control option in the list



3- Now Select “Select Setup a New Connection or Network” 


4- Select Setup a Wireless Ad Hoc Network from the options and Click next


5-  Now Provide the below details

Network Name (You can Give any Name to Identify this PC HotSpot from other devices while connecting),

Security Type ( WPA2 Personal should be good ) and

Security Key (Security Key is the Password which has to be provided when other devices connect to this HotSpot.

Now Check mark save this network


6- Select Next and wait for Few seconds for Windows to Configure your PC as a HotSpot. You should be presented with screen as below if everything was correctly configured.



7- Now the HotSpot will be listed in the Available WIFI devices list. Connect the current PC to this HotSpot to Enable the service.

Note: Above we have set the Network Name as HotSpot. I have taken the Below Image while configuring HotSpot with Name ” Laptop WIFI HotSpot”.


8- After Current PC is connected to HotSpot. Make sure to Enable Internet Sharing Option on the Network Adapter from which you are currently connected to Internet in our example We have connected to Wired Connection from NIC adapter with Name Local Area Connection.

Go to Network and Sharing Center> Change Adapter Settings> Right Click the Adapter from which you are currently connected to internet and select Properties. Go to Sharing Tab and Check Mark “Allow Other Network Users to Connect through this Computer’s Internet Connection” Select the WIFI Adapter Name from the Home Networking Connection Drop Down List and Select OK


8- Now move on to any other PC with WIFI enabled and search for Available WIFI devices you will see the HotSpot in the WIFI List. Simply Double Click and Connect to HotSpot. You will be prompted to Enter the Security Key which we have set earlier in this article. Once Key is Entered PC will be Connected to HostSpot

That’s It !!! Now You Have Turned your Windows 7 PC into a HotSpot.


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