How to Copy Text from Error or Warning Dialog Box in Windows

Sometimes you may be presented with an Error or a Warning Dialog box while working with Windows. If you are a normal User and want this Error Message to be sent to IT System Admin for Help You will take a screen shot, similarly If You are a IT guy and want to Google this error you have to manually Type the error Message. In this Article we will see how to copy the Text of the Dialog box.

Follow the Below steps to copy text from a dialog box,

1- Make the dialog box active by clicking on the dialog box

2- Press “Ctrl+C” keys together ( which is General Shortcut for copying )

3-  Now the Complete text including title and buttons labels of the Dialog Box will be copied to clipboard.

4-  That’s it !!! Paste it anywhere you want.


For Reference See Below Example:

I am Trying to uninstall Adobe Reader using “Programs and Features” in Control Panel a warning dialog box appear asking to confirm this action.


I have to make this Dialog Box Active by Clicking on it and then Press Ctr+C Keys together. Now the complete text will be copied to clipboard and once you paste the text in Notepad, or anywhere, see below on How it Looks.



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